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It’s Only a Pair of Socks

It’s Only a Pair of Socks


Its Only a pair of socks

Coronavirus is quite literally wreaking havoc. It’s like the weather forecast, you just don’t know and it changes every 24-hours.  Unfortunately, health is at risk and that must remain everyone’s priority.

Yet economically right now many small independent businesses are suffering, which is understandable. Yet, they need everyone’s help too, wherever it is possible.

Hence the tag, #itsonlyapairofsocks

If we all do this with our favourite independent small business we will help them to win their own private battle. After all we want them to be here when all this has been sorted. Straightforward enough. So how can we all help. For a start, we can buy local and second just give a little support to our favourite indie business.

  • Independent Retail Stores. Well, just buy a pair of Socks, something small when perhapsMonkey Sox you wouldn’t have done.
    Choose those that try to give back. Record and music stores that offer free music nights for example. Those that give back to your community are great choices, maybe they deserve a little more?

  • Cafes, restaurants and your pub, microbreweries, regional brewers and food suppliers. Could you buy a small gift card for a future visit? How about a take out pack or a cup of your favourite brew? Some of these businesses are already stepping up to help with free school meals, so let’s give them our support.

  • Small theatres or music venues that have had to cancel your night out. Could you donate your ticket fee or even part of it to ensure their survival?

  • Any other service business will also be hard hit. Gift cards again spring to mind to say book a professional photographer.

The truth is there are so many good causes right now, it’s a tough one. Yet remember #itsonlyapairofsocks.

So, we would ask that you post your purchase onto social media and use the #itsonlyapairofsocks tag, then name a few other ‘indies’ we could support. It’ll go a long way I can assure you.

Here at Accelerate we have a number of delivery options, all you have to do is select your preferred option. Details Here

Thank you for taking the time to read this. For those about to buy that pair of socks from somewhere, please accept a virtual high five. It really is appreciated.

Find your next pair of favourite socks:

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Its Only a pair of socks

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