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Running Shoe fit and construction

Whether you are new to running and after getting your first pair of trainers or a seasoned pro, getting the right shoe for you and what you need is equally as important. We have put together a handy guide incorporating everything from what type of shoe is best for what, how a running shoe is made and what the right fit should feel like. If you are looking to buy online and want a short comprehensive guide of running shoes for different terrains scroll down.

To learn all about running shoes, how they are made, individual parts to running shoes and how different shoes are suited to different types of running and why. Follow the link here

Shoe fitting and matching foot shape to shoe shape is something we take great pride in here at Accelerate. If you are buying online or have booked an appointment and are visiting the shop understanding why there are different shape shoe for everyone's individual feet and why it is important to get this right to know how a shoe should fit and feel. If you are visiting the store with the onset of Covid-19 and social distancing we can no longer use the treadmill nor can we get up close to check shoe fit and sizing. So we have put together a couple of articles to help with shoe fitting. Our suggestion is to have a read of both these articles either if you are shopping online or visiting the store:
Foot Shape to Shoe Shape Article
Shoe Fitting: What to Do and Look For

If you would like to visit the store for an appointment to purchase a new pair of trainers then follow the link below.

Before booking your appointment please read through the whole of this page and our Covid-19 Store Operating Policy which can be found here

To book an appointment to visit the store click here or you can call us on 0114 242 2569


Footwear categories

Road Running >>


Road running shoes are perfect for anything on tarmac, pavements, parks and track. Normally found with a more breathable upper than trail and fell shoes plus a smoother outsole to help with traction on harder flat surfaces such as slippy pavements. See all our road running shoes here

Trail Running >>


Trail running shoes, can be found with a variety of different outsole patterns and lug depths with options for well packed trails, single track and man made paths. Some trails shoes come with a rock plate to help protect your feet from sharp rocks and debries. See all our trail running shoes here


Fell Running >>


Fell running shoes normally have less cushioning than trail shoes as they are more likely to be used on softer, open ground making them a lighter more responsive shoe which can help you move over rough ground easily. Found with deep lugs on the sole to help grip on wet and muddy ground. See all our fell running shoes here

Kids Running >>

Kids Running

Just as important as running shoes for adults are shoes for your children. They need space in the toe box for their feet to spread, and a lower drop to allow their feet to move naturally and to help reduce the risk of injury. See all our kids running shoes here.


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