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Running Equipment

From Sky and Ultra running to carrying race regulation kit up the side of a mountain for your hill climb or even staying hydrated on those warm summer training runs, having the right equipment will make your run that much more enjoyable.  
But our equipment range doesn't just cover you for your vest/packs and hydration needs, we also have a range of safety equipment helping you be seen and to stay safe when you are out and about running either on the hill or the roads. Eyewear to help you see the path ahead on those sunny days, Poles to help you keep going and other accessories to make your running just that little more comfortable.


Vests, Packs and Belts >>

Vests, Packs and Belts

You have all your super lightweight running kit ready to go, then, ow no how are you going to carry it? Having a Pack or belt that can fit all of your spares in and be comfy to wear all day is crucial. Here at Accelerate, we have a wide range of different makes to help you find the right one for you. See all our Vests, Packs and Belts here

Eyewear >>


UV is harmful for your skin but even more so for your eyes, wearing sunglasses can reduce the risk of damage the cornea. UV doesnt just come from the sun but also snow, ice and water. They also make you look much cooler! See all our Sunglasses here


Running Poles >>

Running Poles

At the end of an ultra, there is little more beautiful than a set of lightweight carbon running poles. Using them to start with might feel weird and ungainly but when practised can be turned into a rather formidable addition to your running skill set. See all our Running Poles here

hydration >>


When out running for long periods of time there is not much more important than been hydraded. This can sometimes be hard to do when going on longer runs. We have a lot of different ways of carrying water, ranging from soft flask, bladders and handheld bottles. See all our Hydration options here.


Accessories >>


The other bits, collapsable cups, quick laces, lube and race number magnets to name just a few. See all our Accessories here

Safety >>


Running at night near a road is a little scary, wearing reflective clothing or a light can make the difference to be seen by drivers. See all our Safety equipment here



Ultimate Direction Month: What IS a Running Vest?

Posted on  by Guest Blogger

Traditionally, hikers would travel for prolonged periods while carrying all of the equipment necessary to cope with eating and drinking on the move, sheltering from the elements and covering distances over varied terrain.  The job was made easier through the use of a rucksack, or backpack. As people more commonly opted to run the same distances without so many overnight stops, the need to carry quite the same volume of kit decreased (unless you were in the military) and so too did the size of the pack. Hence, people began running with a scaled down version of the …

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