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Accelerate #RunGreen Policy

Run Green

The Climate and the World we live in is under threat and all of us must play our part in minimising our impact on the environment we inhabit. The truth is it is not easy and it can be costly. Yet by doing the small things they add up very quickly.

“By looking after the pennies we look after the pounds”.

At Accelerate so much of what we would like to do costs beyond our means so we look to the small things we can do.

  • We have no gas supply into the building.
  • By using electricity produced from renewable sources. Our green electricity supplier is Ecotricty.
  • Our commercial bin and waste company attempt to recycle as much as 98% of what they collect and are registered to various standards for ‘green’ disposal and recycling.
  • We use paper based packaging for mail order, from renewable sources.
  • We offer to recycle all packaging for customers at the point of sale.

In addition we work with those Brands that have a strong environmental policy. This could be driven by what they do in the work place through their products and ultimately the supply chain.

  • Where it is possible we look for kit and gear that not just works yet is also better for the environment.
  • Ideally, to offer clothing that is extremely durable yet in years to come has been designed so that it can be repaired.
  • To look to those Brands who are determined to cut down on waste. What do they do with those off-cuts when a Tee Shirt is made?
  • To promote those brands that have a greater social conscious through their supply chain.
  • To work with Brands that do not over produce and then throw the excess away or burn it.

The truth is we could all do more yet by choosing brands that are doing more we too are ‘doing our bit’. Most of the brands we work with, including the footwear brands, now offer product that boasts some form of recycled content. Most of the clothing we sell can be recycled. Whilst footwear is much more complex we at least ask the Brands we work with to look at their packaging through reduction and through to using less plastics, paper and card, ensuring that these too can be recycled.

What we do not want to see is the Brand that offers recycled polyester tees and then has labels that can not be recycled – yes it has happened. Doh!

What we do want to see is more of this:

Patagonia and Environmental Responsibility

Patagonia Bluesign Textile Standard Patagonia Worn Wear Repair Program Patagonia FairTrade Cerified Patagonia 1% For The Planet

Patagonia: you can find out more about what they are doing to lessen their Environmental Impact and how they share with others for a better World Here >>

Other brands who we feel have a high standard in their business towards sustainability, include: Dynafit, Scott Running (their HQ is something else) and Brooks Running.

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