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Accelerate Your Speed

When: Every Thursday, 6:30pm for approximately 90 minutes, includes warm up and down.
Where: From The Accelerate Store
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Cost: £3
Equipment needed: Suitable running shoes for road. Clothing suitable for the weather.

Come and join us for a coach-led session designed to develop your speed, help with technique, and work towards improving your race times from 5k through to marathon! All with a bit of fun mixed in for good measure!
There will be up to three groups involved, as with WoodRun this will depend on your experience, fitness and age. We have the ‘Intro Group’, plus the ‘Getting It’ and ‘Got It’ Groups. Each is Coach led and will include a thorough warm up, a session designed by a qualified coach for all abilities and experience, plus an easy warm down.

All are welcome, from age 16 and upwards.

All sessions will be based in and around the Olympic Legacy Park so there is no worry of being left behind – everyone can work to their own pace and needs, with plenty of guidance from the coaches at the session.
Don’t be put off by the area, as we will be heading over to the purpose built running venue within the traffic free Olympic Legacy Park (OLP) – on the site of the old Don Valley Stadium.

Meet at 6:30pm at Accelerate to have a group run down to the park, or meet us at 6:45 at the OLP if needed!

Sessions cost £3 per person, and you need to bring weather suitable clothing and an idea of a recent race time (or target time).

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