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Accelerate Running Community

The Accelerate Community is a huge part of who we are, and each week we have a wide selection of group runs and sessions on offer. Anyone is welcome to attend, and the groups range from led trail runs through to technique, speed, and strength sessions, all designed to help improve your running.

The sessions cater to all levels and are a great way to include something a little different in your weekly routine. They are also really friendly and fun, and some of them end with cake!

  • Accelerate Trail Runners (Running Group)
    Two led runs per week that will take you away from the roads and onto the trails.
    Tuesday: 7 pm, Low Bradfield, Sands Road Car Park (Cricket Club). This is for the more experienced trail runner, usually around 8km to 10km and hilly.
    Thursday: 6:30 pm Rivelin Valley Cafe. 5km to 8km at a more leisurely pace. Less hilly than on a Tuesday.
  • WoodRun
    Technique is the main component of this session. That’s not to say you won’t be discovering how to run speed sessions and develop hill technique and strength. All abilities are welcome with a big focus on post-run coffee and cake.
    Thursday: 9:30 am, Ecclesall Woodland Discovery Centre.
  • Running Past 50
    A session designed for those running past 50. Various run sessions that include led runs, technique, mobility and strength. A big focus on fun and just keep moving!
    Friday: 10:30 am Accelerate Running Store, 629 Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe.

All of our runs ask for a small donation between £1 and £3. This is used to ensure your coaches and run leaders (volunteers) can continue their qualifications.

In addition, The Accelerate Running Community also encompasses:

  • Team Accelerate
    Racing and Training to a high standard. Team Accelerate consists of dedicated local athletes that put their all into their running. The name of the game is to be competitive, to improve and to train to sound principals. They are coached and offered regular training sessions. They are coached and offered regular training sessions. They are supported by the Store in the form of running shoes, apparel and equipment. In addition, they receive treatment from the team at the Accelerate Performance Centre.
  • The BIG Running Weekend
    An annual event that is a mix of coached sessions, workshops, and running talks.  A whole host of topics are covered.  The whole of the Accelerate Run Community gets involved.

To find out more then please call 07494 773 447 or please get in touch via our Contact section.

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