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Author Archives: Run Stu

About Run Stu

Accelerate Performance and Healthy Run Coaching, Heart rate, Periodisation, Strength & Stability. Business owner @accelerateuk Coach to #TeamAccelerate The open road, fell, moorland and high places. Sunny days, days the wind blows and rain is horizontal - 'You're Alive!' Twitter and Instagram: @RunStuCoach

July Arrivals

The second half of the year always sees a number of new shoes and updates to existing models land on the shelves.  As ever some are better than others and as is always the case, the proof is in the … Continue reading

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BP – Before Power

  Running Power… go on then what do you think this actually means? Power, is nothing new in sporting terms as cyclists have been developing this as a means of training to a high level for some time.  In running … Continue reading

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Running the French Alps

People will travel the World to discover the best Mountain Trails and a number of areas have become ‘musts’ to visit. None more so than Chamonix in the heart of the French Alps, more so if you are based within … Continue reading

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Running Hot

The weather forecast says ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’. Today is race day and over the last couple of weeks the weather has been warm, yet in an effort to be ‘sensible’ and to be able to run at your usual training … Continue reading

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Fundamentally Speaking

  In just about every sport I can think of, coaching is part of the improvement process for the participant, yet not so often in running. I suspect because it is so much more of an individual sport and everyone … Continue reading

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