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Re-imagining Our Running Store

Following the moment we went into a country wide ‘Lock down’ everything changed, arguably before that as we saw what was happening in China and then Italy.

Social Distancing – Lock Down – RunSolo – Clap for our Carers – ItsOnlyApairofSocks – Furloughed – Work From Home – Zoom Bombed – Quarantined – Covid19 – PPE – Face Masks – Essential Travel – Self Isolation – Stay Home – Wash Your Hands – Tik Tok Dancing – Exercise Once a Day – Key Workers – Captain Tom – New Normal – Social Bubble


As we move forward there will be a ‘new normal’, hopefully some of the change will be for the betterment of us all and our health, the way we work and the way we see each other. I truly hope so
For instance haven’t we all noticed the clarity and cleanliness of the air? I wonder how Sheffield and Manchester now look from the peak District – has that brown haze lifted? Probably.
Are you enjoying working from home? Is it suddenly an option, with perhaps just the one visit to the office per week seeming like a good idea?  Less time traveling equates in my mind to more time doing the things I enjoy. Shopping online, there’s another area that has grown and developed in the last few weeks, again equating to the cars staying on the drive.
Other small business owners that I have been talking to are suggesting a down size in their office or workspace and taking up the opportunity for their colleagues to work from home – cost savings for the business, their workforce and the environment.
People are out and about more, as families and couples, enjoying the countryside and each other whilst gaining some incredible health benefits. We are even hearing of folk taking up running and really enjoying the experience.

It ain’t been fun yet there are positives to be found and I think many of us have hung onto to those, wondering if things will change, by how much and will ‘me and my family’ benefit from a potential change in ‘how we live our lives’?

A New Way of working...Businesses, those like ours and others that are more office based, are going to have to change. It is not just about Social Distancing, it is also how we all communicate going forward, learn and help each other. This if nothing else has demonstrated we can change and adapt, that we can plan and develop something different. Perhaps, we can all step back, reflect on what was and then think ahead to what we would like to see and to do. How we can all take some stress out of our lives, to be calmer and to be more ourselves. To be healthier, more active and to ensure our environment stays cleaner. I believe we have the power to change, even in small ways will make a big difference.

Yet, we will need change beyond our own way of thinking as both government and local area support coupled with infrastructure will have to step in for the greater good. It again looks to me that this is the time for that. A change to working practice, especially where we work, is not unreasonable and has the potential for great impact on our lives and also environmental improvement, so improving health and well being.

It is with all this in mind that we too at Accelerate are looking at what we can change. How that might look and how will we as the folk that make up Accelerate will benefit without detracting from what we love about being ‘professional and service orientated retailers’, our Community and also running.

The ‘White Board’ has been wiped clean and the ideas are flowing.  It is going to be interesting this New Normal.

We’ll see you soon. Looking forward to it. Stu.

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