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Here We Go: A New Normal

It looks like small shops will be able to open on the 15th June. Finger crossed this won’t change in the lead up to it.

We all knew that the day would come, yet we have to remember, these are still very uncertain times and we must all continue to play our part in slowing the spread of the unseen Covid-19 virus. I have spoken to a number of people who have had the illness and the effect on them has been quite different. Thankfully they have all been fit and healthy and have come through the disease. Yet, in nearly all of the cases has resulted in a very slow return to exercise – often four to eight weeks has been reported.
It is not a disease I wish on anyone, it sounds horrific, extremely painful and debilitating for quite a few days and weeks.

So it really is essential that we minimise the risk posed to ourselves and those around us.

When it is safe to do so and all the staff are happy to do so we will open for normal business. That said we will be doing things differently and our expectations are somewhat different to how our business will operate compared to a year ago.  Things we are currently looking at include:

– New and limited opening hours.
After all we will also be running on a skeleton staff and wanting to keep operating costs to a minimum – have you seen our electricity bill, crikey! Plus we need to understand the demand and how busy we are likely to be.
– Appointments Only
Yes, we see this as the starting point. Obviously browsing is going to be difficult and by offering appointments we can provide uninterrupted advice and support to find the right item for your running. Obviously if would just like to browse then we would ask you to be patient and visit us when normal service returns. We will work on the basis of one person per appointment, starting with two appointment slots per 30 minutes building to three. Please bring your own clean running socks with you.
– Home Visits
Yes, for the those staying in lock-down or are considered vulnerable we will be happy to visit with a range of shoes and let you have a run on your drive or on the pavement outside. ‘Front Drive Run Analysis and Shoe Selection’ could become a thing!! We’ll start with a chat to talk through your running, shoe preference and ask for a photo or two of your feet.  Working with you we can then visit with a good match to your requirements.
– Social Distancing
We are lucky we have plenty of space within the Accelerate Store, plus the Studio room.  Two-meters no problem and thankfully we have high ceilings so ensuring a nice airy space. For those wishing to you can use the Studio Room for further social distancing.
If we are coming to you, then we stay outside and observe the 2-metre guidelines.– Cleaning
Pre-lockdown we asked everyone to wash their hands, this will continue and we have installed paper towel dispensers.  Between customers we be cleaning the areas we have all been using, seating and display surfaces.  Shoes that have been tried-on will be sprayed with an appropriate disinfection.
– Website Improvements
The website is seeing unprecedented traffic (thank you for visiting) resulting in plenty of orders, especially in and around Sheffield. We are currently trying to deliver same or next day where possible. Some folk will want to stay home and not visit a store which is quite understandable, so the telephone is ringing. Plus ‘Click and Collect’ we suspect is likely to be more common. 

For all of this ‘Social Distancing’ is the one thing we are sure about. 2-meters it is and that is that. Plus we appreciate some may which for further specific requirements to enable a safer visit the store. That’s OK just let us know.

The situation continues to evolve, things will change. This right now is the new norm. Oh well, not ideal, yet we shall do our best.
The key request from our local authority and those working the front-line is very straightforward: Do all you can to stop the spread of this virus.

Key an eye on the website for all updates and how we are going to open to ensure the best was way of helping everyone to get the running stuff they need.  We’ll see you soon.

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