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On Running Cloudstratus – first look…


You can have too much of a good thing……

….but sometimes – MORE is MORE!


Meet Cloudstratus.  The all new deep cushion, high miler from On.

These ‘double-decker’ shoes, at first glance take some getting used to, but boy are they equipped with some serious cushioning?!

But cushioning alone can be too much of a good thing, unless stable.  Which is why Swiss running engineers On have fashioned the Cloudstratus in such a way that it still remains structured enough for a responsive ride, strong push off and a feeling of comfort throughout what may, for many, prove to be longer runs than they previously imagined possible…

The genius, as ever, with these is in the ‘Clouds’ under foot.  The carefully crafted tubes provide a specific measure of collapse, while avoiding the point at which a runner might simply sink into their own footwear.  The shock absorption is at a premium, while the foot come to rest very comfortably upon a firm, responsive material which feels secure under-foot when you begin to push.  The difference here, with all On shoes following much the same pattern otherwise, is that with the secondary layer of Clouds, the runner can enjoy more of the same sensation, with increased protection from impact- without loss of return when propelling themself.

So the jury’s out, but the idea is sound enough.  The shoes are very nice indeed.   Oh, and it’s an 8mm drop from heel to toe, something are in On’s case, with the majority so far featuring 6mm or 7mm off-sets.  So if you’re used to having plenty of shoe under you.  If you like and get along with an 8mm heel to toe drop, then these puppies just might end up being your new favourite pair of trainers.

Can’t resist?  Purchase a pair here.  Ladies…. here.

Here, feast on some statistics…


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