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Trentham 10K/BMAF Champions – by Dot Kesterton

Dot Kesterton is no stranger to BUZZ, with plenty of experience, teaching runners half her age how it’s done!

Running for #TeamAccelerate, as well as Sheffield’s Steel City Striders & her local ladies club ‘Smiley Paces’ – she competes within the V60 category (outdoing many in the V50 & V40) and runs like she means it.  Returning from injury over the last couple of years, it’s a pleasure to see signs of a return to form, with no indication that we’ve seen the last of Dot Kesterton on the medals list…





Trentham 10K Road race incorporating BMAF 10K Championships

5th August 2018.


I am not a road runner, I am not a road runner, I am not a road runner.

I like hills and trails. (and Parkrun).

So when I saw that there was a chance to do a British Masters 10K not too far from home with added hill I forgot that I don’t like road running and applied.

The background to this race is that I’ve been gradually coming back from knee surgery in December 2016. With support from Stu Hale from Accelerate, Smiley Paces and more recently John Rothwell of Virtual Harriers and my new running club Steel City Striders and particularly Mick Wall, I stepped up the intensity of my training and decided to put it all to the test.

Trentham 10K is an established hilly road race (around 560’ ascent) from the village of Tittensor near Stoke on Trent. This year it incorporated the BMAF Championship.

The recent spell of very hot weather meant that conditions were sticky and uncomfortable from early in the day. By the time the race started at 10:30 we were up in the high 20’s.

I followed advice, doing a good warm up, getting as close to the front as I could and repeating the mantra that I can win this one if I want it enough. The first couple of miles was uphill. This gave me an advantage since I spend much of my training time on hills, who doesn’t in Sheffield after all? I pushed myself hard to the summit and allowed the first descent to aid my recovery. My lungs were bursting and salt water stinging my eyes constantly. At 3 miles was a water station, which I decided to avoid. Even in the heat I knew 10K is doable without added water.


Once the initial and main climb was accomplished I really just had to dig in and keep my age group competitors behind me. That was hard as there are a few very good athletes in my age group, V65 who would have much more experience than me. I counted off the miles, breathing hard and squinting in the dazzle from the sun. Towards the end of the race a tractor , trying to turn up a lane left me disorientated so I almost went with it, losing the finishing funnel. A few more seconds of error would have been disastrous.

I finished in 49:30 chip time, as BMAF V65 winner and gold medallist just 12 seconds ahead of my nearest rival from Worcester AC. and 3 minutes ahead of friend and rival Yvonne Twelvetree of Totley.  My knee held up well and I have recovered quickly which is just as well since I have a 30K race, Sierre-Zinal in Switzerland to look forward to next Sunday.


Dot Kesterton, Team Accelerate, Smiley Paces and Steel City Striders.


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