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How did that happen….?

Caroline French runs for and represents the Accelerate ‘Community’.  As part of Team Accelerate, she not only blogs, but also attends events, group runs (well, coffee & cake afterwards) and sessions in the Accelerate store.  She’s about to focus on completion of an event supported by Accelerate, the Peakrunnrs Ladybower Trail Marathon.  This is part two of a series, recording her progress, with an eventual race report for good measure.












So how did that happen?

I wrote a collection of thoughts and ramblings after entering the Peakrunners Ladybower Marathon 3 months out and it seemed ages.

– It’s now 4 weeks to go. Eek!

In the last 2 months I’ve been practicing this crazy thing called focused, sensible training.

For those who know me well, you’ll appreciate that this is impressive.  I have a brightly coloured ball of wool habit: of getting excited by the prospect of entering races, you know the one “ooh this is happening, ooh friends are running this…” I’ve run to plan.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to have words with the excitable me, but I’ve done it.

I’ve transitioned from long runs of 7 miles – to 3 hours, focused on building endurance, loving the development and sheer joy of long runs again.   I’ve gone back to heart rate training, which I know is a touchy subject for some.

For me it’s actually been amazing during this training schedule, as it’s given me justification to slow down in the long runs and keep it easy on recovery runs.

Results: not felt drained and/or over trained!   Got to say a huge thanks to Austen and Stu at Accelerate, for coaching, being a sounding board and having faith in me.

So with 4 weeks to go, the right combination of eating, sleeping and training are all important.  Not sure a week in Ibiza mid June is the ideal training plan – but will force me to start my taper!

The distance and timing since injury mean Ladybower isn’t going to be a race for me.  What it will be (to finish comfortably), is an achievement.

That’s still something that feels strange, but by no means makes it any less to be proud of.

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