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WORLD OF WEIRD (WOW): Part Eight – The Anomaly


Six years!

Six years of the same route to and from work.

I run in.  Then roughly 8 hours later, I run home again.

And it’s uncanny….

The conditions can be ideal on the way in.  Or they’ll be the worst Mother Nature can throw at you.  But either way, having set myself up with the correct clothing and equipment for the environment – come Shalesmoor (exactly halfway), the situation will reverse itself.  Or the extreme weather kicks in.

Let’s say as a conservative estimate that I’ve run for 30 weeks out of every year.  An understatement I’m sure.  Then maybe 3 days out of every week or more.  2 runs per day, since it’s to work and back again.  So a minimum of 1080 times, I’ve run between Attercliffe and Hillsborough – at the very least.

And no word of a lie, if there’s to be a sudden deluge, or 60mph headwind, or freak hail storm…’s when I reach Shalesmoor.  It is the spookiest thing.

I can be looking at clear blue skies first thing in the morning, only to realise by tea time, that I ought to have brought a warmer/more water/wind proof top for the now horrifying journey home.

But it won’t actually pounce until I reach Shalesmoor Tram Stop, at which point I can have for sale signs whipping past my earhole, or hail stones bouncing from my nose.  If slightly over dressed, the sun will make a miraculous breakthrough and attempt to toast me as I cover the Langsett Rd trudge.  It’s as if the Gods are toying with me, on what already qualifies as a fairly soul destroyingly mundane run.

Trust me, the run through from Hillsborough to Attercliffe is not on anyone’s ‘Bucket List’.  I assure you.

And don’t get me started on the headwind changing direction during the day, so that it’s against me both ways…..!

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