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Putting the ‘Eeek!’ in Peakrunners – By Caroline French


Caroline French runs for and represents the Accelerate ‘Community’.  As part of Team Accelerate, she not only blogs, but also attends events, group runs and sessions in the Accelerate store.  She’s about to focus on completion of an event supported by Accelerate, the Peakrunnrs Ladybower Trail Marathon.  This is part one of what we hope will be a series, recording her progress, with an eventual race report for good measure.












Eeek, so I’ve entered the Scott supported Peakrunners Ladybower Trail Marathon – 30 June.

Train, race, recover ….repeat. Simple?

Ha ha, if only!

The old cliché is so true: just when you think everything is going great, bam!

In April 2017, all was great.  ‘Had a brilliant time at the Lightning 12 hour run, covering 30 miles and loved it.

In May it was the Hathersage Hurtle: 20 miles smashed and a breeze!  I chatted the whole way round and we (running partner and myself) finished 6th and 7th female.

Finishing the Hathersage Hurtle

“This girl’s on fire”….

Shortly followed by stress fracture in left tibia. Noooooo.

This actually meant rest.  Actual rest: it got exciting when I could run again after 6 weeks of not doing anything.  Hard going, but great being back.


After only 2 weeks of being back ‘on it’, my foot decided to strike the door frame in my bedroom at high speed.  Crunch.  Knew instantly it was broken.  Pain like you wouldn’t believe.

Gutted doesn’t even some it up.

It hasn’t been plain sailing since then either.  Had issues with my back and conflicting advice, but incredibly happy to say I’m running!


This kind of stuff makes you focus on building strength and really appreciating being able to run.

I’m setting different goals and my training plan is very focused and I’m disciplined.  In training and in diet.

I’ve entered a few shorter distance events, in May (Stanage Stumble – 12 miler being one of them) and building up to the Ladybower Trail Marathon at the end of June.

Race Start – Ladybower Trail Marathon 2017


So, what’s the training plan look like?  Probably a little different than it would have last year.  New goals!  This is a major distance milestone for me.  It isn’t about winning and it isn’t about surviving.  My goal is to finish, finish strong and enjoy it.  11 weeks to go, it’s:

  • building those long runs, slowly increasing the distance
  • drills – one session a  week, building technique and muscle memory
  • strength training: short sessions but looking at body weight exercises focusing on functional strength (stolen from @teamaccelerate @Laura and @Stu)
  • yoga & pilates
  • Rest (one day a week will have no running or strength.  Maybe a gentle mooch, but nothing more)

To sustain all of this, what I put in my body has to be good, to get the results and keep myself strong.  I’m vegan and have a crazy busy job, and although I eat a varied and healthy diet, I’m not afraid to say I supplement my diet and do make sure I take protein after training sessions.  I’m new to it, but the Mountain Fuel shakes are ace.  Love ’em for recovery and a protein hit.

Peakrunners are also supported by Mountain Fuel.

(Drumroll) I’ve quit alcohol too.  Now I’ve said that, it gives me extra motivation.  It might not be forever, but I’m giving it a whirl.


Do you know what, I’m feeling great.  New goals, new challenges: bring it on!

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