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A Strange Nemesis


(clever little logo that looks like a person riding a bike)


A recent addition to Sheffield’s streets.  And a mighty fine concept.

Yellow Bikes, thousands of ’em – for people to borrow, having downloaded a free app and paying 50p per 30mins.

Check the location of your nearest bike and take it for a spin.  Leave it in an appropriate place for the next person, or in a designated parking area, in order to gain a free borrow next time.


Healthy.  Affordable.  Convenient.

You want this, don’t you Christopher….?

And the beginning of a psychological battle.  Constantly passing bikes that would make my journey easier…  Quicker…

Take Monday evening, close of business and my run home from work.  It’s dark, raining and I’m pressed for time.  My girlfriend has an appointment and I’ve already left my colleague (also running home in the same direction) behind, in order to get back ASAP.

But I’m currently trying to regain fitness and stability while increasing the frequency and intensity of my runs.  All thrown out of the window with barely enough time to get home.

Then appears the first of many bikes.  Taunting me.  Internal dialogue –

“If I were to stop here and quickly download the ofo app via 4G, I could hop on and ride home in a fraction of the time”.

But no, that would be weak.  So I continue, only to pass another bike, not 100meters down the road.  Then another.  Another.

So many, so frequently in fact, that I suspected that the fates were trying to tempt me into submission.

Then another.

They were virtually lined up end to end every step of the way, I’ve never seen so many.

But I completed the run, on time and have, as yet, not been seduced into taking the easy option.

Not yet….


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