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Making Memories – by Caroline French


I had another one of ‘those moments’ today.

The moment where you realise how far you’ve come and feel proud of what’s been achieved and excited about what’s still to come.

This morning I set out on a 12 mile hilly run, in crazy wind and rain.

Nothing truly amazing in itself, but when I think that it was 7:30am, ahead of attending Part 1 of the Hills Made Easy course, and completes a @50 mile training week.


I’m pretty chuffed.


Why so excited?  Well – a 50 mile week is pretty average compared with a lot of runners, even ‘low’ for some.  But I’m pleased because I’ve achieved three 50(ish) mile weeks in the past five.

Never did I dream my little legs would do that.  Yay!

I was never the ‘typical runner’ physique and started off a really timid, unconfident runner.  Believe and achieve really is the case.  I have worked hard to get here.  I’ve donned training kit and put in the sessions, when I absolutely (almost) could not be bothered sometimes.

Wow: these are the runs you need to do.  Character building and by god they make you feel better.  Train hard, race easy.


The hard work has paid off.  I’m not going to be nauseating and say I enjoy every run (I love probably 99% of them though).  I love the run and love the vitality and strength it gives me.

Those cold mornings in the rain followed by a hot shower….how invigorating.

I’ve made some really great friends and I mix up the fun stuff with the challenges.  Best therapy ever.


That’s me in my new Smiley (appropriate) vest!


I’m not the fastest.  I’m not the strongest.  But I’m faster, fitter and stronger than ever before.  I’ve won 3 Parkruns (ladies obviously!) this year already.  Go me.  That’s not me bragging; it’s excitement and motivation for me and any ladies reading this.  You can do it.

I’m racing some very different and challenging events this year.  Yes I’m nervous – but I’m going for it.

It’s not about how fast you are.  It’s about how far you’ve come.  It’s a personal journey.  Make memories.

Enjoy it.  Embrace it.


Caroline FrenchTeam Accelerate.

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