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WORLD OF WEIRD (WOW): Part Seven – Nervous Nelly.


Just thought I’d share a tale.  Weeks/Months ago, I was out running with friend Tom Brockwell.  He took me in the woods (ooo – err) near his home, just outside of Chapeltown .  It was already very wet and windy back then (around the end of October – close to Halloween) and the chances were that we’d get blown (quiet at the back) or soaked, or both.

That's me on the right there.

That’s me on the right there.

In actual fact, what happened was – we were in the woods near Wharncliffe, when in the dark we heard a lot of loud cracking and snapping, which freaked me out – since it was overhead somewhere close and the idea of a giant tree limb side-swiping me hardly appeals.  But having looked up in a hurry and then all around in the direction the sound was coming from, saw absolutely nothing.

So my question was, had it been a bird taking off and managing to break a branch by the force of its take off?  Did that branch sound a lot heavier than it was?  Did an entire tree fall nearby and I still managed to miss it completely?

And, if a tree falls in a wood and the runner running past it doesn’t see it, did it still fall….?

Anyway, that was the final straw on that particular evening.  Wouldn’t have been all that unsettling, but I’d already had a ‘moment’ earlier in the same trip.

On our way into our 12 mile round trip, again in the woods, I heard a Chainsaw.  Pitch dark in the woods and I heard a Chainsaw.  In the evening.  Chainsaw.

That's me on the right there.

That’s me on the right there.



So I was a little preoccupied.  Then the tree collapsed above me.  It was a fun time.

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