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Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove review – by Roz Massey*


Hello all.

Back again with another customer review.  This time it’s Accelerate ‘Hump Run‘ regular and all round running enthusiast Roz Massey, with the Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove.  *Roz was lucky enough to win a recent contest on our Facebook page – whereby she got to collect the gloves and keep them, in return for a short review about how they were to use.  Here then, is that review.  Thanks Roz.  See you next Wednesday!

Roz Massey completing Trail Rush 2016

Roz Massey completing Trail Rush 2016

As a nesh Northerner (with an unhelpful 12 years spent down South) who suffers from Raynaud’s, gloves are a very important part of my kit.

In fact it is rare for me to leave the house without at least one pair. However, despite trying numerous pairs I still hadn’t found anything which even came close to sorting me out in the bad weather.

Part of the problem is that as soon as my hands are cold they lose all ability to function, meaning I struggle with zips, clips and all the other fiddly bits of running kit. I was (therefore) very excited to try out the Sealskinz waterproof gloves and was looking forward to some inclement weather to put them to the test.

Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove

Sealskinz Ultra Grip Glove

However, I’m pretty impatient so wanted to get them straight on.  I was pleased with the fit, as I have small hands and often find that gloves are too big, lacking the snugness required to be fully effective. I would therefore recommend trying them on first as I suspect the small may be a little too snug for some.

The feel of the gloves is quite unusual and they did, at first, feel a bit like tough gardening gloves. I tried them out – first of all on a ‘Hump Run’ which was a short toddle around Attercliffe on a reasonably pleasant day. I had wondered whether I might find them annoying as they felt a little bulky for everyday use. They were, however, very unassuming and as expected kept my hands quite cosy.

I was aware that this wasn’t a very useful test though and luckily the next day the weather Gods provided me with torrential rain. It was still quite mild, so I ventured out in a t-shirt with the gloves. I was drenched when I got home, but my hands were nice and dry which meant my normal dilemma of opening the door (I can find operating a key quite difficult with freezing hands) was not a problem. A definite positive for the gloves.

A few days later I had them out again and was very warm so seriously considered taking them off. Gladly I didn’t as Storm Abigail was waiting at the top of Win Hill. In the space of 2 minutes I went from warm to soaking. Glad of the gloves! I have to say though, that they are too thick for doing anything fiddly such as undoing zips and clips. Still, the fact that my hands had remained dry and warm helped with this no end. For the first time ever – my hands actually warmed up again after putting the gloves back on.

In summary I would say that they do exactly what they claim in terms of being waterproof. I have had no problems with water getting in down the sleeve; I also haven’t found them to be sweaty from the inside (although as my hands are rarely hot I’m not sure I’m the best to test this). They are not uncomfortable to wear (despite them being quite rigid and bulky) but they are too thick to allow easy operation of zips, clips and so on.

They also don’t fit easily into a coat pocket or small bag pocket. I have managed to fit a thin pair of liners inside them and although I haven’t tested them yet in this situation.

I imagine they would work well for adventure races which involves using your hands to wade through streams and such, as they have a good grip and good protection. I will be carrying them with me throughout the winter because for me, dry hands are one step closer to warm hands!


Roz Massey

Note – Worth adding that I (Houghboy) tried on the gloves prior to handing them over – and deliberately soaked them under the tap in Accelerate’s kitchen.  I stayed dry, of course, but impressively – the gloves dried out again after a quick shake and a few minutes over the back of a chair.  Though for me and my stubby fingers, they felt a little tight, they certainly worked and I could see them being a very simple solution to exploring remote areas in harsh conditions while not having to over pack with pair upon pair of waterproof or windproof alternatives.  That said, I do find that a glove can get too warm and outstay its welcome, so for me it’s still preferable to carry a thin glove and an outer shell.

Anyone wishing to purchase a pair of the Sealskinz Ultra Grip Gloves may do so by calling 01142422569 and arranging for them to be supplied, though we currently don’t stock them in-store.  We do have the Thin Ankle Sock, a fully waterproof, breathable sock that will protect you from cold and wet.  I shall personally test those at a later date, as my experience with frostbite this winter was one of those ‘note to self’ moments and I immediately figured that Sealskinz were a no brainer when ever again faced with 5-7hrs of freezing cold slush under foot.


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