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Two things:

1) I’m struggling to write a simple piece on ‘Race Planning’, which should have just tripped off the fingers a good week, if not a fortnight ago.  Complete writer’s block.  I’m busy writing and re-writing at the moment.  Hope it’s worth a read when I finally get finished!

62 miles from Eastbourne to Arundel.

62 miles from Eastbourne to Arundel.

2) I’ve chosen to try my longest Ultra Distance Run yet in 2016 (62 mile South Coast Challenge – pictured above) and with it comes my first bout of fundraising in a few years.  If people don’t mind offering just £1 toward Cancer Research UK – it’d be really great to go run the hell out of it, while knowing my efforts brought a few hundred valuable pounds of extra money to what I’m sure we all agree is still very vital work.  You can donate on my Just Giving page.  Massive thanks if you do.

Right, thanks for bearing with me.  Back to the blog of doom…..

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