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inov-8 Race Ultra Mitt – Customer Review


Another day – another great product review, this time from regular customer and Ashmei supported runner Simon Green.

Simon recently bought a pair of the new inov-8 Race Ultra Mitts, which have come in ‘handy’ this week, so he’s sent us a lovely two-penneth.

Cheers Simon – happy running!

His thoughts were as follows:


Inov-8 Race Ultra Mitt Review

inov-8 race Ultra Mitt

inov-8 race Ultra Mitt

I was very pleased to get my hands on, or indeed in, the inov-8 Race Ultra Mitts. I first noticed them a few weeks ago whilst browsing online and was struck by their simplicity. And so I was delighted to find on one of my regular visits to Accelerate that they were now in stock.

As we plunge headlong into what could be a very heavy winter, I have been assessing my kit and potential additions. I had a few pairs of running gloves, all of varying degrees of thickness and protection. However, I didn’t own anything waterproof. Enter the Race Ultra Mitt, which not only fills that gap but also presents a wider range of options for all weather conditions.

The Race Ultra Mitt is a fully windproof and waterproof mitten by UK based company inov-8. It has a soft and comfortable inner lining, on top of which sits a TPU membrane and a light outer shell. At a mere 24 grams they really do have that ‘barely there’ feel to them and it’s hard to believe that they could be robust enough to fulfil their brief. Luckily, the day I bought my pair was particularly dismal, cold and wet, so conditions could not have been more ideal for their first test outing.

I wore them without gloves underneath (more on that later). But with the evening temperature at a chilly five degrees Celsius I found that the mitt was all I needed to keep my hands nice and warm. I headed out for a routine eight miles up the Porter Valley as far as Ox Stones and back and by the time I hit Ringinglow, not only had darkness descended, but the rain had started too. Nonetheless, the mitts kept the cold and wet at bay and I remained very comfortable.

It had occurred to me beforehand that dexterity might be limited by using a mitten instead of a glove and this was true, but only to the smallest extent. I was still able to get my head torch out, position and tighten it accordingly and use the control functions without having to take the mitts off. There is sufficient room within to separate the fingers and bend them as normal.

Once up at Ox Stones a few flecks of snow were caught up in a fierce whipping wind, it was rather wild! Still the mitts did their job and my hands stayed warm and dry. That remained the case all the way back down the valley and home, at which point it became clear that they really did do what they said ‘on the tin’.

The best feature of these mitts however is their versatility. I ran without gloves underneath, but there is sufficient room in the hand section to easily accommodate an extra layer; definitely a liner and almost certainly a thicker glove. This of course means that they can be used either on their own or as an additional layer if it is particularly cold or the weather turns wet. I would readily recommend them for either, and I will certainly be keeping them in my bag and giving them some heavy use through Autumn and Winter.

Just a quick note on sizing – do try them on. Whilst the hand section is relatively standard the opening at the wrist is quite small. Best to pop in to the shop and give them a try first.



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