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I’m back!

Last week I managed a run/walk around Dam Flask (3 miles for those of you not in Sheffield) and it was tough. Really tough! I arranged to go for a run round Rother Valley with a friend on Sunday and warned her I’d be slow and probably run/walk. Rother Valley is great for running because it’s flat which in Sheffield is a massive bonus! It also isn’t quite 5k so you have to run past the entrance and do a bit more! Again, it was tough but walking wasn’t an option so I ran the whole thing in 32.47. Not my fastest time but considering the huge changes I’ve made to my diet over the past 3 weeks, I was pretty pleased.
I’m currently treating myself for candida. It’s likely that some of you will have it but not recognise the symptoms. It affects men and women and is caused by our lifestyles and dietary choices. Some people are more susceptible than others. The treatment is simple really: Change your diet and change your lifestyle. So I have. The diet is extreme to start- purely green veg, avocado and olives for 3-10 days. I did a week long cleanse and then after that you can eat a more varied diet but no fruit, starchy veg (carrots, sweet potatoes etc), no dairy except live yoghurt, no pork and absolutely no processed food. You’re also limited on grains. I ate fairly low carb most of the time but that’s a big change so it’s natural my legs felt dead! Anyway, now I know I can do it, there’s no excuses not to keep going and run at least 5k. Now my focus is getting my time down and increasing the distance.

candida friendly chicken curry

Candida friendly chicken and veg curry. One of the tasty meals I’ve been eating recently


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