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It can happen without warning.

It can be when you least expect it, from the most unlikely of candidates.  Nowhere is safe.

When it strikes, it can be devastating, but more often just plain baffling.  Sometimes, just occasionally it’s funny (despite your resistance).

What is this hidden terror?  It is of course………The TAUNTING!

You’ve probably already experienced it yourself.  You’re out there running for pleasure, perhaps like me you run to work.  You might be alone, or in a group when some brain donor suddenly sees opportunity to yell something at you.  It seems completely without motive.  They just have a flash of ‘inspiration’, but it’s fear of what they clearly do not understand.

“What you running for?” from the knuckle draggers.  “Goo On Son!” equally popular.  But the grand daddy of heckles since that film in 1994…

A lot to answer for

A lot to answer for


Suddenly, upon sight of a recreational runner – the morons would perk up.  Convinced that their’s alone was the highest of all humour, yelling openly without remorse.  As if it was okay to assume that the runner in question bore similarity – not for running, but for the learning difficulties associated with running basically for no reason.

We were powerless to stop them.  Tom Hanks, through his alter ego had made this acceptable.  The morons had the upper hand.

Odd when you consider that these are people that you’ve never met, never even laid eyes on you before, but who are confident in openly making fun of what you’re doing without rebuke.

What is this reaction people have to runners?  Is it envy?  Misplaced shame at being less fit than they wish they were?  Attention seeking?

I dunno – but it makes no sense whatsoever.  Running has become massively popular in the last decade.  Olympic runners have always been household names.  Most people have at least a passing interest in football and the players are basically paid to run about all day every day.  Not to mention the armed forces.  They surely have the ‘support’ of these morons, if only via the humble bumper sticker.  What would it be like if some idiot went to throw abuse at soldiers from their perimeter fence?  Over very quickly I’d imagine.

One taunt too many!

One taunt too many!

I’ve actually had people run alongside me taking the p*ss.  One guy acted out a sarcastic running style while heading toward me and Debs, as we ran home from the shop.  No attempt to hide what he was doing, open mockery in the street.  What these people fail to consider is that most runners are of higher than average fitness.  Many do it to compliment their body building or martial arts.  Have these simpletons not worked out that to taunt them right to their faces might be the last thing they do?  They’re safe with me obviously, but have they not seen this guy?  One time, while out on one of our Head Torch runs, our group passed a single, overweight smoker – outside on a bench, freezing cold and alone with her cigarette.  We ran past her and she shouted “losers!”.  I mean really.

Anyway, all this is a long way of pointing out a very fun article (below) that surfaced recently and echoes all of the above.  Take a look and good luck out there!

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