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WORLD OF WEIRD (WOW): Part Three – Woo Hoo!


Quick question:  Does anybody else get a subconscious urge to go faster, or indeed go faster when they see either a) a traffic light switch to green, or b) a national speed limit sign?

Well, if you insist.

Well, if you insist.



I think it’s just the combination of driver and road runner in me, but while I’m tootling along at a comfortable (or not so comfortable) pace, as soon as one of these pops up, I’m lifted psychologically.  It’s just impulse – but just as I would respond in the car, I get a sudden sense of liberty, like I’ve been granted permission to take the brakes off.  It doesn’t last long, but it’s a welcome lift.





Anybody else find that this…….


Woo Hoo!

..equals this?

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