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Time to ‘Raise the Fells!’

The Salomon Fellraiser Head Torch Run is upon us…It’s tomorrow night…

If you are reading this and wondering, ‘What’s this?’ Then, my previous blog will explain all: There’s a Certain Joy to Night Running >>  For those planning to come along it looks like it is going to be a busy one, as we reckon over 30 folk have said they are coming along.  So with this in mind, a chance to remind everyone about the route, what to bring and what to expect.  We did not anticipate this level of response, but that’s OK, we have recced the route quite a few times and the maps are ready.

Are you?

The route is a tough one, don’t think this is going to be easy – it’s not. The ground is very wet, the slabs over Cartledge Ridge very slippy and the edge path around Abbey Brook is saturated (in places a stream).  The distance is not too bad at around 12k, the climb is pretty tough at 555 metres (1800 feet), most of which is in the first 5k, but there is around 300ft of ascent before the final plunge to the finish of the run.

We would ask, in light of the conditions, to ensure you are used to running when the going is tough.  That you are happy with this type of terrain and especially this amount of climb, over wet ground.  It will be energy sapping.  We want you to come along and enjoy this run, not to reach the point of being forced to walk – just to get back down.

Which brings me nicely onto kit. If we have to walk back for any reason from the midpoint of this run, it is likely to take a good 60 minutes or more.  So we are asking everyone to bring with them FULL waterproof cover and to carry a spare warm top that, should the need arise, keep you toasty at walking pace.  Spare food and a drink are also advised along with a pair of gloves and a hat that remain packed away unless you really need them.  It will be chilly up there, probably around 3 to 5 degrees and damp, as it will be very misty judging by the last few nights.  Lastly, your head torch. Will it last a couple of hours, is it charged?  Do you need a spare or batteries for a just in case moment?  So please come prepared to take care of yourself and to stay warm should the pace drop. We will keep everyone together for safety’s sake, with agreed meeting points set for all, regardless of speed.

The Mountain Weather forecast is here >>

Oh yes, footwear. Best make sure they are the studded variety.

With Salomon, Suunto and Petzl gear to test it brings an extra element of fun to the evening. But please don’t rely on the kit being available for the run, at the expense of having your own stuff ready. We have limited sizes and amounts of test gear.  For those wanting to borrow a Suunto GPS/HRM then please get in touch and we will ensure we have one set up and ready for you.

I will be on site from around 6.30, in the main Fairholmes Car Park near to the visitor centre. If you have any questions or would like to secure your Suunto to borrow then please get in touch via the store or by writing to info (@)

Let’s run safe, see you tomorrow evening…

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