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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Nutrition, immunity and running

It’s safe to say Winter is here now and along with it, coughs, colds and stomach bugs. If you have children, you’re even more likely to come into contact with Winter bugs as children are great at spreading germs. Running … Continue reading

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What’s the choice

Saturday morning. Wake up at 06h15, look out the window. Dry and calm. Perfect day for a long ride with the cycling club and then straight into an 11 mile ride. 07h00am – breakfast. Quick glance out of the window. … Continue reading

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There’s a Certain Joy to Night Running…

And I am not just talking about running through the city centre, with winters chill in the air and bright lights all around. Don’t get me wrong the bright lights of the city should never be underestimated.  What I am … Continue reading

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  It can happen without warning. It can be when you least expect it, from the most unlikely of candidates.  Nowhere is safe. When it strikes, it can be devastating, but more often just plain baffling.  Sometimes, just occasionally it’s … Continue reading

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Don’t lose your bottle

  Top tip:  Regarding bottles and bottle holders, If you’re like me – you rarely use bladders anymore, but even if that’s ALL you use, keep in mind – those same bottles that ensure that none of your drink escapes … Continue reading

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