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All work and no play.

It’s been a good while since I last went for anything other than a walk, and that was round the block with the dog, or to catch a tram.  In other words, I FEEL FAT.  I’ve been to visit my girlfriend’s family for a week, which was nice – but my running stuff stayed in my bag, opportunity missed.  The last thing I did might well have been the Head Torch Run at Traveller’s Rest, and that was like – two weeks ago.

Running strong now….

Back on it tonight as part of the latest Head Torch Run, ahead of a chance to take in Unbreakable once again courtesy of Heason Events.  The film is showing at the Castleton Youth Hostel, and makes a perfect reward for those of us going onto the Peaks at 6.30pm – during what turns out to have been one of the ugliest winter days I can remember.

I’ll have to try to do more.  I constantly find myself envious of others who appear less tired, who look good in race photos, who save money running all the way to work instead of just cause they’re late for the tram.  That could be me, I just have to get a grip.

Get a grip.


Besides, having had an early Christmas while away, dinner and all the trimmings – I can’t afford to sit about until Christmas Day when I once again consume my weight in goodies.

Hmmmm, I shouldn’t….

I need some kind of routine, discipline and focus.  Perhaps I should put THAT on my Christmas list?

Come New Year, I’m looking to start strong, running more often.  I’m also going to be signing up to something longer than ever before.  No sense making it harder by piling on the pounds just ahead of time.

This time of year in store we’re offering mince pies to all who visit, and dunking biscuits in our tea.  Worse than that, the post run snack tonight is apparently going to be pizza.     MUST………RESIST………..TEMPTATION……..

Registration for the Run Further Ultra Championships will give me pause, as I’ve just signed up.  I did three out of the required four races this year, without realising it.  One more won’t hurt……much.

I’m wrapped up tonight, for what promises to be a cold, wet run.  Odlo baselayer, Mountain Hardwear Jacket, Inov-8 Wrag, H7 Head Torch, Saucony Peregrine Trail Shoes, OMM 12 Litre pack full of spare warm clothes and batteries.  Gloves, tights, Smartwool socks………blah blah.

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