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New Year, New Blog

Ok, so it’s a little belated, but we’d better get the formalities out of the way first…Happy 2012!  This blogging malarky is a little new to us, but it seems like everyone is doing it, from coffee art aficionados to circuit board lovers.  And since we at Accelerate are forward thinking peeps, we’ve decided to join the craze.

January is the season of resolutions, new shoes and abstinence.  No doubt you will have seen the steady train of well-meaning joggers pounding the pavements – and I do mean pounding.  Although we admire the gazelle-like grace of Alyson Felix and marvel at the flow and speed of Mo Farrah, few of us rarely get beyond a metronomic plod, plod, plod…

Perhaps these inspiring images of running are one of the drivers of New Year Resolutions in this, in particular, an Olympic year.  But we all know resolutions are forgotten by February.  Motivation is sucked from us in the long, dark, cold winter.  Many of those well-meaning joggers will be aching, sore, disolusioned and finding comfort in evening television and cake.

Coffee and Walnut…mmmm….

We at Accelerate don’t believe that this has to be the case.  We regularly see new runners start out, get hooked on the fitness gains, the social aspect, the tranquillity of running and see them blossom.  We see those same runners out on the fells and streets months later looking healthy, stronger and still motivated.  We know running isn’t just for January – it can be for life!

We can't guarantee the test shoes will be this colour-scheme

And if our enthusiasm and encouragement isn’t enough, come along to our popular Breakfast Run.  As always it’s the first Thursday of the month, so the next one is the 2nd of February.  Not only will you find tea, coffee, croisants and coaching, but the lovely Paul from Saucony will be here with a bunch of exciting shoes for any Breakfast Runner to have a trial in.  So go on, don’t let winter beat you – we look forward to seeing you out and about.


About AccelerateDebs

Accelerate Simply, just loves to run. Moans about roads, preferring the mud and slopes of the fells, especially the Peak District.
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One Response to New Year, New Blog

  1. Dot says:

    Congratulations on your new blog Stu. See you at the next breakfast run, if not before. My January training is going to plan. Good luck in the business awards.