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In 1950, Dynafit was launched. With it, they brought the first Humanic ski boot. Fifteen years later they innovated and changed the game of skiing yet again with the first use of buckles on ski boots, an innovation which to this day is still the most common method of securing ski boots.

Heavily oriented on innovation, protection, and performance, they use Snow leopard to symbolise their commitments. values and characteristics. Supporting endangered species since 2007.

Members of the Fair Wear foundation Dyanfit continue their mission to protect and improve the products produced and how they are manufactured. Adding to this, Dynafit package their goods in recycled bags,  These same bags can then be reused or recycled further thanks to plastics chosen when making them. This great addition helps reduce the plastic waste on our planet by reusing it.

Also members of the Bluesign system partner; striving for fair working conditions and environmentally friendly materials since 2011 when they joined.

With product statements such as " Minimum weight, maximum performance - speed up" we at Accelerate are really excited about welcoming Dynafit to our store.

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