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2XU, pronounced "Two-Times You"

A world leader in compression garments, 2XU was launched when former professional triathlete Jamie Hunt turned his passion for sport into an obsession with performance fabrics and in 2005 the brand was born. With the ethos of building the best kit for elite athletes but having the same gold standard for everyone. So whether you are running a 2 or 10-hour marathon 2XU will work for you.

Here at Accelerate, we are big believers in the power of compression for aiding in recovery. The 2XU garments use targeted compression on the key muscles groups, as well as graduated compression as you move towards the extremities to keep the blood flowing and recovering faster. This year 2XU has gone through a rebrand, with the aim to stay at the top of the market when it comes to compression garments. Below are some of our favourites for this season.

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