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Accelerate Performance Centre Lactate Testing

Have you ever wondered how you can optimise your training? Perhaps you have a heart rate monitor and have no idea what the 'numbers' mean? 

If so then this may be the way forward. A Lactate test is a straightforward way of ensuring you understand and know the correct training zone to train in. The process is straightforward and involves you running on a treadmill, starting at a very comfortable pace. Pace is gradually increased and periodically small blood samples are taken and the lactate you are producing is measured.  The information is correlated with heart rate and speed measurements and the training zones that are specific to you can be determined.

Accelerate Performance Centre Lactate TestingYes, it really is that straightforward. Yes, it does work, just ask any of the Accelerate Supported Runners who have seen continual improvement.

You will also, be given time to discuss what the different training zones mean and you will be given a full report, following the test.

The test will be carried out by one of our fully trained Coaches, either Stuart or Marcus and the cost is £95 per person. Group concessions are available.

Testing is carried out by lead coach Stuart Hale and by Marcus Scotney.

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