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Sports Injury Assessment & Management

        Injury Diagnosis and Assessment     Injury Management and Rehabilitation
        Injury Prevention

The APC Team are able to diagnose your injury and from there work with you to find an appropriate solution and an action plan to return you to sport. 

Never underestimate the importance of injury management.They will then provide short term treatment to help the injury heal, give you advice on how to look after this yourself and put together a plan of action. This will involve ongoing treatment, rehabilitation and a plan to prevent the injury coming back. This may include a progressive plan of introducing activity, supporting exercises and stretching. They even recommend that you see someone else in the team who will be able to provided treatment more geared to your situation, ensuring a speedy return to activity, also ensuring the chances of a reoccurrance being minimised. The other Team members you may be recomended to see could include the sports therapists, podiatrist or even referred for strength and stabilisation conditioning.

Diagnostic Specialists include Pete Down and Colin Papworth

Accelerate Perfromance Centre Podiatry

Accelerate Perfromance Centre Physiotherapy