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Podiatry at APC covers a whole range of assessments and treatments. Whatever your sport movement analysis and screening can help with the treatment and prevention of injuries.

Injury Diagnosis             Performance Screening           Movement Analysis          
Treatment Planning       Injury Prevention

Accelerate Performance Centre Podiatry and AnalysisPodiatry at APC covers a whole range of assessments and treatments. After an initial chat about what you want from the visit your podiatrist will assess you with regard to joint range of motion, muscle strength, posture and how you move. He will try to identify any movement patterns that he feels are the problem or going to cause problems and then discuss this with you. Once we feel we understand what the potential issues are with the way you move we shall discuss how to go about changing the problematic movement pattern. This may involve any number of interventions and could include; specific drills, exercises, stretches, joint mobilisations, change of footwear and training, orthoses, recommendations to see one of our other staff for specific work and of course follow up reviews to ensure that you are making progress in the right direction.

Lead Podiatrist and Injury Specialist is Colin Papworth

Accelerate Perfromance Centre Biomechanical Assessments

Accelerate Performance Centre Gait Analysis


Accelerate Perfromance Centre Orthoses

Accelerate Perfromance Centre Foot and Ankle Mobilisation


Accelerate Perfromance Centre Run Technique Workshops

Accelerate Perfromance Centre Footwear Selection