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APC Foot and Ankle Mobilisation

  • Unlocks stuck joints
  • Reduces pain in both joints and structures that cross the joints
  • Improves movement patterns immediately
  • Changes neurological input and output from a joint

Feet have to work hard during our normal day to day activity, we then often go and run on them. We want them to support up to  2-4 times our bodyweight each foot step, take them off road for a run in the park, woods, hills or mountains, or pound the tarmac for hours on end. They need to flexible when we hit the ground and they need to be strong and stable when we push ourselves forward against the ground.

Mobilisation of your Foot & AnkleThere are lots of soft tissue structures helping to support them - ligaments, muscles and a load of other connective tissues. We can easily block  a joint functioning as it should and our bodies can be sensitive to a joint not being in quite the right place. This places undue stress on our nervous system and can cause the nerve fibres that transmit pain to become overactive. This can quickly lead to muscles become tight across a joint as they work hard to realign the joint. Often we move our ankle or foot and it 'clicks' back into place and 'oh that feels better'. Sometimes this does not work and the joint becomes stuck or subluxed. We can assess these foot joints and realign them with mobilisations or manipulations. This treatment can be excellent for those little aches and niggles that do not seem to go away but can build to be a problem if left unattended.

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