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APC Sprts and Lifestyle Nutrition

Having a plan for your nutrition is as important as having a training plan. A nutritionist can help you understand what you should eat and when to help boost your performance during sport.

Do you have questions about what to eat before a race or during a training session?

Are you curious about paleo or low carb diets?

Do you find it difficult to recover from illness or injury?

Do you want to alter your body fat and find out how much lean muscle you have?

Healthy BrowniesOne to one consultations are the best way to understand your nutritional needs and work out a plan to suit you.  Each consultation is 1 hour and we will discuss all your nutrition requirements as well as your training schedules and goals. We will then decide on a plan that meets you needs. A body fat scan is also available to give a detailed picture of your internal health too.
A menu plan can be a great way to help you eat healthily and reach your goals. Menu plans are bespoke to suit your dietary and training needs. Menu plans include recipes and are usually for a minimum of 6 weeks.

All work is carried out by Hannah Bailey BSc (Hons Public Health Nutrition).

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