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Accelerate Performance Centre

More that just an injury clinic, the Sheffield bassed Accelerate Performance Centre is a Team approach to looking after anybody involved in sport. The APC Team will work together, whenever it is required to help enhance your training performance or manage an injury situation. It is this combined expertise that can offer so much more from coaching programmes to running technique, injury prevention and management, sports testing plus workshops and training days.

The Accelerate Performance Centre Team specialise in injury diagnosis and treatment, working together as a team when required to manage a safe and succesful return to sport. With Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Remedial Massage all available from one location, the team is professionally qualified to a very high standard and all are experienced sports people used to working with the complete beginner through to those representing their country.

This offering is, uniquely placed, to be fully backed up and supported by the team within the Accelerate Store and can be coupled in receiving advice from the APC Team for footwear and equipment selection. Something that is very unique within the area.

The experience at the accelerate Performance Centre includes clinicians and coaches, all with a high level of experience between them. Meet the Team >>

'It's not just about injury treatment, its goes beyond that as it is about 'Prevention'

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