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Accelerate Perfromance Centre Coaching for Every Runner

        Training Schedule Compilation       Goal, SWOT and Objective Setting
        Periodisation Planning                    Session Design

From rolling training programs through to One to One Sessions to help keep you on track, the Accelerate Training Program, ATP, is designed with one thing in mind - to help you achieve your potential and training / racing goals.

ATP: Accelerate Training Program

Training Schedule Compilation: Working in 12-week blocks each ATP is written followed an initial meeting. Lifestyle, available training time and social commitments all have to be balanced to provide stress free training and racing. This is even before Goal Setting, Strengths and weaknesses are discussed.
Contact is ongoing, to ensure focus remains in both the training and racing plan. Following the first meeting a 12-week schedule, unless other wise agreed, is produced and is based around either heart rate and time or perceived effort and time, plus current race paces for the development of speed.

One to One Coaching Sessions: Sometimes you may just be looking for help with your own-devised training plan, or you require help in a certain area. This is where One to One Coached Sessions can help. Depending on the topic these can be based in a work area at Accelerate or for more energetic sessions such as technique or speed development, outside. Topics could include: Goal Setting, Endurance Development, Increasing Speed, Periodisation Planning, Heart Rate Training, Technique and SWOT Analysis.  These One to One Sessions can be arranged and booked at any time.

Workshops: Based around the ATP, a number of specific training Workshops wil be held each year, usually through the late Autumn to early Spring.  A variety of topics will be covered and workshops will normally be of between 4 - 6 hours in duration. Running Technique Workshops are held through the year.

ATP and Session Coaches are: Stuart Hale and Marcus Scotney.  Session Coaches are: Colin Papworth, Jason Ward and Stuart Bond.

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