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APC Running Technique

We feel that this is an invaluable service for everyone who runs. Running is sold as just putting on a pair of shoes and getting out but there are not many sports that before too long you are starting to think about your technique. Why not for running?

                Individual assessment          Group workshops
                Drills based                            Strength and flexibility

APC Running TechniqueMost injuries and problems associated with improving your performance centre around how you are moving. Running could be described as a series of repetitive movements and so you are loading the same joints and soft tissues in the same way time after time. It makes sense that at some point some of them are going to grumble about this. Changing the way you load these structures can be both an easy way to overcome an injury but also how to run with increased efficiently. If you want to run faster or for longer then you have to look at your technique at some point. You need to know how to get a bit more from your body.

Our technique sessions can be on a one to one basis or we have a variety of group classes available over a variety of terrains. We have looked at many different running styles over the last few years and feel we have come up with a system that is easy to introduce into your current running program, works for all levels and types of running and is easily adapted to where you are now. It focuses on four main points and uses running drills to encourage a change in running technique.

Lead Technical Running Coach Colin Papworth

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Good Running Form: Thursday 23rd Oct, Thursday 20th Nov.  Details Here >>

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