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Mizuno Neo Vista Review by Andy Shelton

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As everyone who knows me or is following me on social media knows I like the odd running shoe or several (to my partners annoyance) I have recently been looking into the new area of bracket known as  “The Super Trainer” which doesn’t have a technical spec, but has similar qualities to the Carbon plated Super Shoes which are for race days or tempo work: a tall stack height, great midsole geometry, top end high powered foam and in some of them a non carbon plate.

Most of the top brands, have are already established super trainers in their shoe collections, it is now Mizuno’s turn to join the party. Over the past couple of years Mizuno have brought some innovative shoes to the marketplace, like the Rebellion pro 1&2 (2 wasn’t the greatest improvement, just didn’t feel right to me), the Rebellion flash models, and now they have brought out the Mizuno Neo Vista super trainer. So far, I have ran about 150 Km / 90 + miles in them and they really surprised me, a lot. This is one of the contenders for the super trainer market.

First impressions when I put the shoe on was slightly mixed, was a bit disappointed about the clunky look of the shoe as it didn’t feel nimble, but sometimes you cant rely on those first impressions. My First run in them was a 60mins easy run, straight away I noticed the extreme softness and forward roll of the shoe. A lot of runners may not look the softness, but it has its place eg the day after a tempo run/interval session, the recovery run the softness is needed and the Neo Vista ticks the box.

It isn’t super heavy which is surprising for its stack and softness. The midsole has a full rocker from heel to toe, has Mizunos Enerzy Nxt foam, Neo Vista also sports a full nylon plate. With the inclusion of the plate the Neo Vista has a much more flexible/durable midsole architecture, which made toeing off less aggressive and a more pleasant feeling under the arch. The shoe runs super smooth, and when I took it out for 18miles was an absolute dream as it still felt really comfortable.

Even though it has a soft midsole it can handle faster paces, as you probably can gather, I have run many varied runs to get a god feel about this shoe. Alongside the soft midsole the outer sole is excellent, handles all weather conditions well and even a of off roading, loads of grip and a lot of rubber, so this shoe will last. One of the other things that you will see from the Neo Vista is that it has a Flexible knit sock, which really does help secure your foot. Following the Flexi knit, is the upper which has a seamless, tongueless design and uses some really stretchy material. The Shoe is very true to size but as always, I went .5 of size up from my normal size 9 and the Neo Vista fitted like a glove.

Overall summary of the shoe, is a very very good daily running shoe, soft lush, easy on the legs,  yes it has a high stack and bouncy midsole, which has the potential to make the shoe feel stable underfoot, and the flexi knit makes it feel strange running round corners/bends, the upper fit is fantastic and very breathable which makes it a more of a long run shoe, than a fast speedy twist and turn racing shoe. You need to give the Shoe a good run out keeps an open mind and enjoy the comfort of one of the best “Super Trainers” out there currently!!

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