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Monthly Archives: June 2023

The Saucony Xodus Ultra 2

Accelerate Community member and Accelerate Trail Runners Run Leader Graeme is back again and has been lucky enough to get his hands on another pair of the Saucony Xodus Ultra’s, but this time it’s version 2. Now available from the Accelerate store, to find the specs of the shoe Click Here >>. Keep reading to hear how he got on!

I reviewed the Saucony Xodus version 1 back in May 2022 and have now done over a 1000k on them – The review on the version one can be found Here>>; this review is a comparison of that version so I’ll focus on the differences I’ve noticed after ~50k with runs on mixed terrain (tarmac to fell) ranging from 7k to 26k.  I’m being a bit picky.

Straight out of the box

The upper is stiffer, less stretchy — more protective I suppose — so I was unable to tighten it up in the same way over my lumpy feet.  That said, I did this last time as I thought they were slightly too big – same size this time and they didn’t feel too big – certainly for longer runs where feet need to expand.  The forefoot is spacious as before.  The laces have changed too – round and quite chunky,  not the original stretchy, flat ones.

The ride feels firmer than before – but the sole has not changed!  So it must be me: too used to my now slipper-like v1s – after 20-30k they feel as before, so it was me.  Very comfortable in both heel and forefoot.

That upper…

What I’ve noticed is that there seem to be two versions of the upper – and this is not just a colour thing – mine are a claret colour – interesting – all others I’ve seen are grey.  On inspection the grey ones have a different (softer?) upper, more akin to the v1, plus the inner forefoot gusset seems to be of a lighter / thinner material, plus the laces are the flat stretchy ones.  Most unusual.  In summary the grey ones are much more like the v1s but are still a more robust material.  The inner gusset now covers the whole forefoot – the v1 had it just around the mid foot.

The upper foot shape has changed a bit – see comparison photo – and there is now a useful looking rand around the whole shoe next to the sole – to protect more I suppose.  My concern was that it would keep water in – didn’t seem to make any difference, which was good.  The change in upper shape may be holding my foot more naturally, requiring less tight lacing.

I can only really comment on my claret version but personally, I prefer the previous material but I like the new foot shape change and the welt – I’d prefer a softer, thinner material as previously it only started to fail on me after 1000k, so not bad.


Pros: new grey colour looks good; same plush ride but with good ground feel.

Cons: check out if you want the claret or the grey style; the upper may be a bit stiff for some.


Fundamentally the same as the version 1 with a more robust upper.  My go-to, long run shoe again.

You can find the Men’s Here and Women’s Here. Alternatively, pop on down to the shop and give them a try.

The Scottish Mile 2023 BMAF Championship by Dot Kesterton

Blast Running organised its second Scottish Mile race at Silverknowes, Edinburgh waterfront, inviting runners from across the UK to enter either an open race for all with no age limit and the British Masters 1 Mile Championship event an hour later for UKA registered athletes aged 35 and over. I have got used to running distances from 5k to 10 miles with very little else so thought it would be good to step out of the comfort zone again and try out a fast and furious 1 mile. OK it’s a long way to travel for seven minutes of anaerobic agony but this was my chance to meet kindred spirits and turn my legs over a wee bit faster than normal.


Son Joel offered to drive so with him registered in the open race and me in the BMAF race we were able to support one another. Joel set a target time of 6 minutes and I went for 7 minutes with a favourable wind. And that’s where this race differs from others.

“We can’t guarantee you a tail wind however we CAN make sure that you don’t have a head wind on our flat, tarmac, no turns coastal route. How can we do this you may ask? We decide the direction of the race on the day depending on the wind direction”. Race Director.


Down on the Forth estuary there certainly was a brisk breeze to add to the dimension of a gloriously sunny and cloudless day. Around 150 Runners in each of the two events ages ranging from 7 to 85 faced West and leapt into action at the signal.


When I run a road 10k I try to start steady and gradually build throughout the race to finish strongly. In a 1 mile race there is no such luxury. You have to go out strong or lose the advantage. Yet it is not a sprint, so getting the balance right between purposeful running and blowing up is key to a successful race. As a novice I had to suck it and see. In the event I started at what is probably 5k pace and soon realised I’d be left well behind if I didnt lift it significantly. I quickly caught old friend and World Champion in many events, Angela Copson, F75 and Linden Nicholson, V70 and by the half way point had built enough of a lead to feel reasonably confident of an age group win. The second 800 metres was a challenge because I knew I had to finish faster than I started. Lots of encouraging shouts and claps from spectators and runners helped spur me on to achieve a 6:47 minute time, first of two F70’s. Joel had had a great race to finish in 5:40 chip, 25th overall, 18th male and 5th in the M40 group. Both he and I had run well within our target times.

The Open race was won by Finlay Murray, East Sutherland AC in 4:12 chip and Margot Wyrwoll, unattached in 5:07 chip.

Full results can be seen on

Dot Kesterton

5th June 2023.

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