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The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Range – The Flash Reviewed

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The new Rebellion range from Mizuno has been designed to give you 3 different options of faster training shoes through to carbon-plated racing shoes. While Mizuno may be slightly later to the game, they have certainly done the research and made some seriously quick and comfy shoes. Would you expect any less from the first brand to have an R and D lab and who have been putting plates into shoes for the last 25+ years?

This review is looking at the Wave Rebellion Flash. This sits in the middle of the range as a faster training and racing shoes. The Flash is made on the shell of Mizuno’s original Rebellion, a shoe I fell in love with and have run far too many miles in. It combines the same midsole foam as in the Rebellion Pro but with a nylon plate instead of carbon and a lower stack height.

The shoe

Lifting the lid they are a striking pair of shoes. The Japanese ink-inspired colourway is eye-catching and whether it is your cup of tea or not it certainly has heads turning.

Out of the box and onto my feet they are incredibly light, weighing in at only 230 grams.

From the mesh used on the upper to the stripped-back tongue and minimal heel padding, Mizuno has really tried to keep the weight down, and it shows. The fit is on the wider side through the forefoot allowing plenty of space for my toes, however, it does slim down in the heel for a secure fit without feeling tight. Great if you have some longer runs planned and like some space.

The cushioning combines the super soft and responsive foam used in the Rebellion Pro, Mizunos ENERZYLite with their more durable and hard-wearing ENERZY foam. Running through the middle of the two foams is a full-length Casto plate. There to both add propulsion and stabilise the foot. On my foot, they feel soft without the overly squidgy feeling you can get in highly cushioned shoes.

For the outsole, Mizuno have used a G3 material. Unlike a conventional outsole, it has lots of tiny bobbles making it lighter and more durable than a standard rubber sole. It even grips great on the track.

So far so good.

A quick look at the specs, they have an 8mm drop with 37.5mm in the heel and 29.5mm in the heel. A size 8UK comes in at 230 grams. Mizuno are billing them as a faster training shoe or racing shoe.

Heading out on a run and I instantly remember why I have put so many miles into the original Rebellions.

They’re cushioned without losing the snappy and faster turnover. The slight rocker in the forefoot nudges you onto your big toe and the sensation of the plate pushing you forward aids in a faster foot strike.

There are no hot spots or rubs anywhere on my foot, I can hardly tell they are even on my feet.

After a few longer runs and sessions in the Rebellion Flash, it’s safe to say you will likely find them in my bag when I have a session to do. They have become my go-to for longer sessions, keeping your legs feeling good without losing the fast feel you get from a more minimal trainer.

As to who this shoe is best suited for, well, almost everyone. It feels fun to run it, you can do long runs, 200m reps, and even an easy 30 minutes are all in its wheelhouse.

It’s the shoe you didn’t even know you needed and now can’t imagine not having.

Like the sound of that and want to get your own pair? Either follow the link Here or pop down to the shop to try them today.




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