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Monthly Archives: February 2023

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Range – The Flash Reviewed

The new Rebellion range from Mizuno has been designed to give you 3 different options of faster training shoes through to carbon-plated racing shoes. While Mizuno may be slightly later to the game, they have certainly done the research and made some seriously quick and comfy shoes. Would you expect any less from the first brand to have an R and D lab and who have been putting plates into shoes for the last 25+ years?

This review is looking at the Wave Rebellion Flash. This sits in the middle of the range as a faster training and racing shoes. The Flash is made on the shell of Mizuno’s original Rebellion, a shoe I fell in love with and have run far too many miles in. It combines the same midsole foam as in the Rebellion Pro but with a nylon plate instead of carbon and a lower stack height.

The shoe

Lifting the lid they are a striking pair of shoes. The Japanese ink-inspired colourway is eye-catching and whether it is your cup of tea or not it certainly has heads turning.

Out of the box and onto my feet they are incredibly light, weighing in at only 230 grams.

From the mesh used on the upper to the stripped-back tongue and minimal heel padding, Mizuno has really tried to keep the weight down, and it shows. The fit is on the wider side through the forefoot allowing plenty of space for my toes, however, it does slim down in the heel for a secure fit without feeling tight. Great if you have some longer runs planned and like some space.

The cushioning combines the super soft and responsive foam used in the Rebellion Pro, Mizunos ENERZYLite with their more durable and hard-wearing ENERZY foam. Running through the middle of the two foams is a full-length Casto plate. There to both add propulsion and stabilise the foot. On my foot, they feel soft without the overly squidgy feeling you can get in highly cushioned shoes.

For the outsole, Mizuno have used a G3 material. Unlike a conventional outsole, it has lots of tiny bobbles making it lighter and more durable than a standard rubber sole. It even grips great on the track.

So far so good.

A quick look at the specs, they have an 8mm drop with 37.5mm in the heel and 29.5mm in the heel. A size 8UK comes in at 230 grams. Mizuno are billing them as a faster training shoe or racing shoe.

Heading out on a run and I instantly remember why I have put so many miles into the original Rebellions.

They’re cushioned without losing the snappy and faster turnover. The slight rocker in the forefoot nudges you onto your big toe and the sensation of the plate pushing you forward aids in a faster foot strike.

There are no hot spots or rubs anywhere on my foot, I can hardly tell they are even on my feet.

After a few longer runs and sessions in the Rebellion Flash, it’s safe to say you will likely find them in my bag when I have a session to do. They have become my go-to for longer sessions, keeping your legs feeling good without losing the fast feel you get from a more minimal trainer.

As to who this shoe is best suited for, well, almost everyone. It feels fun to run it, you can do long runs, 200m reps, and even an easy 30 minutes are all in its wheelhouse.

It’s the shoe you didn’t even know you needed and now can’t imagine not having.

Like the sound of that and want to get your own pair? Either follow the link Here or pop down to the shop to try them today.




The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Range – The Pro Reviewed

The new Rebellion range from Mizuno has been designed to give you 3 different options of faster training shoes through to carbon plated racing shoes. While Mizuno may be slightly later to the game, they have certainly done the research and made some seriously quick and comfy shoes. Would you expect any less from the first brand to have an R and D lab and who have been putting plates into shoes for the last 25+ years?

By this point, I have tried lots of carbon racing shoes, and they all have felt pretty good with maybe one missing here or there. I can hands down say the Rebellion pro is the best I have tried by a long way. Now, I’m not saying there are things I wouldn’t change, but the Rebellion Pro is a clear margin ahead of the rest.

The Shoe

Like any racing shoe of the modern era, the stack height looks big, however, they are still incredibly light. Mizuno has saved no expense on this shoe. It uses their latest ENERZY Lite, a highly cushioned and responsive foam, all while weighing next to nothing. They feature Mizunos new SMOOTH SPEED ASSIST, a very noticeable rocker in both the heel and toe. Certainly not a shoe to be walking around in. The upper is light and breathable, using Mizuno’s AIRmesh to maximize airflow around the foot to keep them at the perfect temperature even when pushing hard. The outsole uses a G3 grip, a little like non-slip flooring it’s designed to deliver a high level of traction and weighs next to nothing.

Slipping them on they feel great like I have hardly anything on my feet. The lockdown around my ankle is secure without being restrictive. The cushioning takes some getting used to as it is so soft, way softer than I would normally run in. However, once I got running and the plate and midsole began to work together they feel great. Still super cushioned but very responsive.

First impressions

The first time I properly wore the shoes was for a session at the track and was blown away by how fast they both felt. The splits were confirming they are. They held up well and felt great, towards the end of my session ice had started to settle on one of the bends. No trouble for the G3 outsole, giving me plenty of confidence to push on.

After running a couple of great sessions and a

race culminating in a PB, it’s safe to say they are my favourite shoe to reach for on race day. They feel fast, keep my legs feeling good and in my opinion, look great. You are certainly going to stand out from the rest of the crowd. My only criticism of them is the tongue, personally, I would prefer it to be gusseted to stop it from slipping.


If you are looking for a racing shoe for the 5k up to the marathon that’s going to keep your legs feeling great and make running fast feel easy this is certainly up there. It is the fastest racing shoe I have had.
To get your pair today either pop down to the store or follow the link Here

Mizuno Running: The Quietly Understated Brand

Mizuno Running, the quietly understated brand, goes about its business, well, quietly.  Few may realise how big Mizuno is, even how many sports they are involved in and the respect they garner from those that know.

A Brief History…

Formed in Osaka, Japan in 1906 by the brothers Rihachi and Rizo.  Life began as a retail store “Mizuno Brothers Ltd” before manufacturing began.  Of all things, Baseball clothing that was easy to move in.

The history of Mizuno is exactly the history of the pursuit to make something great.

It was not until 1928 that the development of Track & Field spikes began. This was not before the operation including developing equipment for baseball, ski-ing and also the golf market.

In 1983 Mizuno Launched their new Run Bird shoe and was the first product to incorporate the logo we know today.

That is a mark of the shoes which expresses “an orbit of a planet.” It is named “RunBird” for its shape. Now it is the corporate logo of Mizuno and carries a vital role as the symbol of the company’s brand.

Yet it was not until 1997 that the first Wave Rider (pictured) was launched, with its distinctive ‘Wave Plate’ Technology.

Mizuno Wave Rider 1

Today, Mizuno, continue to strive for excellence in all that the do and spend a higher % of their earnings on research compared to many of the so-called big-players.  Their science is usually based around how materials and products affect the human. Most importantly they really do their research on the benefits for the user. They are about more than just some ‘some super’ item that does this and that, they look at the impact.

Does this help the athlete wearing and using the item?  The range of sports they are involved with is mind blowing.
They are today a multi national company with regional head quarters dotted around the globe, including here in the UK.

Mizuno Running: Wave Rider

Today the best known shoe in the Mizuno range remains the Wave Rider. It is very much a go to running shoe for many.  Also, it has been a flag ship shoe for Mizuno for many years. The Wave Rider continually encapsulates a blend of everything good about Mizuno Running Shoes.  Great cushioning combined with a responsive feel.  Lightweight upper materials blend breath-ability and support.  Plus technologies that enhance the running experience.


The Wave Plate remains. The Wave Plate is a unique material that increases stability, propulsion and also cushioning. Many have found this also helps maintain the cushioning properties of the shoe for longer. Which can be no bad thing. The rest of the cushioning comprises ‘Mizuno Enerzy’. This material provides plush impact protection coupled with excellent rebound properties. This also helps to extend the life of this key component.

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Mizuno Running: Wave Revolt

Unusually, Mizuno Technology often trickles down into their more competitive price offerings. At £90 the Wave Revolt is an excellent fitness running shoe. It boasts such technologies as the Mizuno Enerzy cushioning and durable X10 outsole.  We still believe that this to be an 800km shoe and one of the best value shoes we have seen in a while.

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Mizuno Running: Wave Sky

At the other end of the spectrum the Wave Sky is another offering that feels light and floaty to run in.

Featuring MIZUNO ENERZY Core and MIZUNO ENERZY Foam, it provides an even softer landing and amazing energy return. Combined with Mizuno Wave technology to ensure stability.

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Mizuno Running: Wave Diachi

The latest newcomer to the stable this is a brand new Trail shoe – OK, more of a complete overhaul of the Mizuno Wave Diachi.  This door to trail (hybrid shoe review Here >>) has proved to be extremely popular, selling through very quickly – thankfully more stock due imminently!
It’s easy to see why. Great Grip. Flexible and comfortably soft upper that just molds itself to your foot. Add in the cushioning of the road shoe range and we have a go anywhere shoe.  Quite possibly one of the best updates we have seen in 2022.

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Mizuno Going Forward

We are extremely excited by the updates coming through towards the end of this year and going into 2023.  Mizuno are often seen to be behind the curve.  Not really. They do their research to ensure great products and this takes time.  We feel this is a value that should be respected.

Having seen the 2023 range we will be expanding the range stocked, especially the new Rebellion Range.  Therefore you can expect some well researched, tested and developed running shoes for fast running.  Yes, a serious carbon plated offering that we think could be one of those hidden gems.

We really like the fact that Mizuno continue with a great ethic towards product development, sustainability and social responsibility.  They may appear to take their time, yet they really do like to get things as good as they believe they can.

If you have never tried Mizuno Running Shoes before then we suggest that they are well worth adding to your list of shoes to try.  They come, from us at least, highly recommended…


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