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Shoe Testing 1-2-3. An Evening for All to Try True Motion Running Shoes

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Many a time a delivery arrives at Accelerate. We often have to order well in advance, six months or more, so opening a box can be ‘just like Christmas’.  Fairly exciting.
When it’s a new shoe the excitement definitely rises, as shoes are tried on and we jump onto the treadmill to find out ‘How they feel and run’. Comparing notes and thoughts, working out who they might suit and so on. It’s fun.  Even better when they go onto our very own ‘Want List’.

What’s even better is a long term test – when occasionally we are given a shoe to test for a couple of runs.  It really is helpful to get a real time, actual run, for a reasonable distance to test a shoe.  Much better.
Even better when there are a few of you running together comparing notes.  Interesting and fun.  It is also so helpful to be able to see if this is really going to be our next purchase, the best shoe ever, perhaps?  You just never know.

So with this in mind we have asked True Motion to bring their new shoes along to the store so that we can all give them a thorough testing.  So if you fancy a proper shoe test, then now’s your chance.  You’re invited!


True Motion Running Shoe Try-on Run
Wednesday 8th December, 6pm
Accelerate Store. 629 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RD.

True Motion Running Shoes: The Solo

Ready to Test

We have been really impressed with this new range.  So, now it’s your turn.  Come and discover if you think the same is true for you.  Join the Accelerate Team and the experts from True Motion for a run of up to 8km, that will be nice and social.  A chance to ask questions and discuss what you are finding with the shoe.
The ‘Run with a View’ will leave at 6:30pm, prompt.  To add to the fun bring your camera.  The photographer with the best picture on the evening (secret judge?) will receive a very nice gift.

Alternatively, you can just turn up at the store or you can secure your shoe size by booking online.
If you prefer just turn up a little after 6pm to try the shoes extensively on one of our two treadmills or outside, all in your own time.
It really is up to you.

Book to secure the size you need HERE >>
If in the meantime if you would like to find out more about True Motion then take a look at why we think these shoes could just be the ticket with our previous blog:

The New Kids on the Block – True Motion Running Shoes

The shoes available to test include the True Motion Aion:

  • Everyday road running shoe
  • 10mm drop, 25mm/15mm, however, 0mm drop when your foot sinks into the center of our U-TECH™ allowing for a dynamic foot-neutral offset
  • 290g in men’s size 8UK, 250g in women’s size 6UK

Just follow the links to find out more (below), we just think if you are on the look out for a new shoe then these really are worth a try.  Pop them onto your radar and see what you think.

True Motion Aoin Running Shoe Men’s >>  Women’s >>

The Aoin is backed up by the speedier feeling True Motion Solo. The shoe is incredible versatile and great for mid distance runs, tempo and  track sessions.  A shoe we are already enjoying.

  • Lightweight road running shoe
  • 8mm drop, 22mm/14mm
  • 220g in men’s size 8UK, 195g in women’s size 6UK

True Motion Solo Running Shoe Men’s >>  Women’s >>

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