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Team A, The A Team

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I’m writing this after a tough, dark and windy solo session. Just a getting it done session.

It’s the first proper session I have done since we have gone back into lockdown. This has got me thinking about how much value a team brings. If you have always been solo or always been part of a team, you may not be fully aware of how valuable it is. However, having been a member of (in my opinion) one of the best training groups out there to then having to go back to training solo is very weird.

The Team Momentum: It’s not that training with a group is any easier physically, more that, the load is shared. The momentum is carried by everyone instead of just you. If you have only ever trained on your own then this is a feeling you will not have experienced. It makes everything better, sessions smoother, sharing the load, easy runs more fun and long runs more enjoyable. The days you have where everything feels light and easy and yet you’re flying, it’s like that even if you are having a rough day.

The Right Team: I am incredibly lucky in being a member of Team Accelerate. Now I’m going to butcher this and it won’t sound as good as I want but here goes. It’s not that it is the best of the best, don’t get me wrong there are some incredible runners who have represented the country at a world stage. More that every member will go above and beyond to help each other out. Whether that’s in a training session, cheering on from the sidelines, being there for each other when life gets tough, or just to have a laugh with. An unquestioning mutual respect for each other, the work ethic they put in, and a willingness to push each other when the time is right.

Finally to our coach, Stuart Hale. There is no one quite like him anywhere else. From his bubbly energy to his passion for sport and the betterment of his athletes by always having a plan to get better. He is so much more than just a coach, he’s a mentor, a counsellor but most of all a friend.

So to the best team in the world, thank you for taking me in and always helping me strive to be the best I can be!

You are so much more than just a team, you are a family.

Written by Harvey Martin, one of the newest member of Team Accelerate. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed training with the team, A lot.

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