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Running with Music, To Tune or Not To Tune.

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The do or don’t, the divider of runners everywhere. Running with music is a lifesaver for some it’s a distraction that can get you out the door and keep you going when it gets tough. For others, it’s a terrifying thought, the disruption of your flow or not feeling connected to nature.
All of us here at Accelerate are in the no music camp. So to get the inside sweep of why you might want to run with tunes we had a chat with one of our community members who is often seen running with a pair of headphones, Jason Ward.
Accelerate “Have you always run with music?”
JW “I rarely used to run with music, and never ran with music if it’s a session, I used to run with other people a lot so never listened to anything. As life changes and I begun to run a bit more on my own and with time constraints impact that lifestyle I started to use it more especially as technology improved, especially wireless.”
Accelerate “Why do you run with music?”
JW “I run with music as I get bored very easily and have to keep my brain occupied. Sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m listening to it’s just background noise which helps me switch off. Music also helps on some of the runs when I’m not feeling it and helps me switch off from aches and pains. Running with music is a mental training aid for me, it stops you from thinking about what you are doing too much on the runs where you’re not trying to push it too much. I think people shouldn’t do it all the time as it can become a need. The biggest reason for me is just to shut the brain off for a bit.”
Accelerate “Do you always run with music?”
JW “Not always, wouldn’t run with music in areas with heavy traffic, as I don’t trust traffic. Never in a race or speed work as it’s too distracting. Definitely never when running with others, that’s just rude.”
Accelerate “What’s your favourite song to run to?”
JW “Don’t have a favourite song, my playlists consist of a varied selection, dance music, rock, and some chart stuff. Sometimes I have to be careful as I can increase in pace with different types of music. I also, listen to a few sports podcasts”
There you have it, sounds like there is a time and a place for running with music. Do you run listening to your favorite tune? Does it help you through those long runs? Let us know in the comments below.

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