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Getting back to your routes

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For decades, Sheffield has been regarded by Climbers as a Mecca for their sport.  Classic routes, crags to spare, enormous areas of natural beauty between them.  Accessible by car, bus, train, bike or by foot.

And there it was – right under everybody’s nose.  The Outdoor City.  Just depends upon your chosen activity as to how you might choose to exploit this relationship between inner City and Peak National Park.

Of course, many of us already knew the value of living in Sheffield – the fourth largest City (by population) in the UK.  Students flock to not one, but two impressive Universities.  Professionals strive to include themselves within world class organisations, industry, creative arts and scientific research.  Pioneering.  Evolving.

With more Parkruns outside greater London than any other major metropolitan area – Sheffield is these days awash with active people with disposable income and an interest in the outdoors.

So the number of regular runners is rising.  The City has branded itself as the all singing, all dancing outdoor play arena.  What’s next….?

For runners, there’s the Outdoor City Run Routes.

Shirebrook Run Route Map

Close to 30 mapped out, marked up, ready to use run routes – through some of Sheffield’s lushest, greenest areas.  All offering hidden gems and discoveries around every corner.

Colour coded for simplicity.  Suitable for complete novices, through to the more serious experienced runners.

From easy, to not so easy, Green to Black

So for a complete guide to those routes and where to find them, along with information on how challenging they might be – take a look at the following list and maybe go try one.

Bradfield to Damflask 5km / 10km
City centre 2.4km / 5.7km
Concord Park and Wooley Wood 2.5km / 4km
Ecclesall Wood 2km / 4km / 5km
Ecclesall Wood – challenging routes to the moors & back 14km / 24km
Firth Park 1.7km / 4.3km
Graves Park 2.5km / 4km
High Hazels 1.6km / 4.7km
Lowfield 355M
Manor Fields Park 1.6km
Ponderosa and Crookes Valley Park 1km / 3km
Rivelin 2.1km / 3.7km
Shire Brook 1.3km / 5.3km
Thorncliffe 2.3km / 4km
Wharncliffe 1.2km / 4.5km / 10km


Olympic Legacy Park   1km / 1.8km / 6km


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