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What is Movescount?

MovescountCreate your free sports diary:
Store your every activity online with the amount of detail you want.

Follow your progress:
Follow your progress in a growing list of both outdoor and indoor activities. With highly accurate tools to analyze a wide range of details, you can improve your fitness or simply enjoy your achievements.

Customize your Suunto device:
Use Movescount to unleash the power of your Suunto sports watch. Customize your sports watch by choosing the features and views you want (depending on device).

Download or create your own Suunto Apps:
Visit Suunto App Zone to get great new tricks for your sports watch. Can´t find what you want? Use Suunto App Designer to create you own Suunto App and upload it to your sports watch.

Plan your training:
Select your training program among the hundreds available or create your own from scratch. Upload all your activities and see the big picture with clear summaries and informative totals.

Discover new routes:
Break away from your normal route and find new places to go from thousands of ready-made routes or plot your own.

Need some inspiration? Join groups of likeminded athletes and compete against others in online and offline events.

Share your moves:
Share your best Moves with your friends in Movescount and beyond. Get them excited and moving, too.


Get involved and join our Accelerate Adventurers Movescount group.

Here at Accelerate we are perhaps the only people offering a Movescountcomplete before and after sales service to ensure you get the correct device, with or without the associated Lactate Testing (also available) and know what to look for when uploading and reviewing your results on Movescount.

We will quite literally explain the choices to you before you purchase a device that suits you best, then assist you in setting it up, guide you on how best to use it and answer any questions you might have, for as long as you need to keep asking.  We even have our very own group on the site where people exchange news about how they're getting on, tips etc.

Regardless of your current level - whether an elite athlete or complete beginner, here at Accelerate we pride ourselves on treating everybody the same way.  We guarantee that no matter who you are, with our advice and Suunto on your wrist, you can achieve more.