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New Balance Vazee Rush - Women's

Price: £85.00

  • Incredible lightweight feel
  • 6mm Heel to toe off-set
  • Rev Lite midsole
  • High mileage trainer/racer

This is as comfy and lightweight as it gets.  They make you want to run fast.  They will however, still take hundreds (between 400 and 500) of miles while training.

So for some this will be their do all shoe for every occasion.  Others will know as soon as it goes on, that it'll best suit one aspect of their training or racing, depending on their current form/experience.

The 6mm heel to toe off-set, or 'drop' is a fairly new addition to New Balance's range and it seems is just the right amount for freedom of movement, yet support for tired feet.  Ideal I would imagine for many people attempting to 'transiton' from higher heels into something more natural, if not entirely flat just at the moment.  Well worth popping in, to 'try before you buy'.

Either way, you can't believe the feeling of being light on your feet in a shoe that's as comfy as anything I've ever had on. CH

Men's version here.