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Swim Bike Run

Price: £16.99


Gain a competitive edge with the new triathlon training manual from top professional triathlete Wes Hobson. Swim, Bike, Run contains all you need to know to be successful in triathlons of any length, from Sprint to Olympic to Ironman. With years of professional experience to guide you, you’ll be racing smarter—and faster.

Each discipline is discussed in its own section, where you will find key workouts, information on choosing from the latest equipment, and lessons on refining your technique. From polishing your swimming stroke, to learning the correct cycling position, to developing great running form, everything you need to improve in every discipline of triathlon is in Swim, Bike, Run.

You’ll also find information on
• balancing workouts to avoid injury and staleness,
• nutrition tips,
• mental training,
• choosing the right event, and
• planning your season.

Hobson also shares his wealth of experience to teach you winning race strategy and gives tips for your perfect race-day preparation. Swimming expert and former professional triathlete Clark Campbell and accomplished age-group competitor Mike Vickers add their own insights to the mix, giving you a complete manual to optimize your training.

If you’re motivated to improve your triathlon performance, add knowledge and experience from a top professional to your arsenal and maximize your training with Swim, Bike, Run.

Part I. Commitment
Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Triathlon World
Chapter 2. Balancing Workouts to Stay Strong and Healthy

Part II. Swim
Chapter 4. Swim Equipment
Chapter 5. Polishing Your Stroke Mechanics
Chapter 6. Key Swimming Workouts
Chapter 7. Open Water Swimming

Part III. Bike
Chapter 8. Cycling Equipment and Fit
Chapter 9. Cycling Technique and Time Trial Positioning
Chapter 10. Cycling Workouts

Part IV. Run
Chapter 11. Running Equipment
Chapter 12. Leg Turnover and Technique
Chapter 13. Running Workouts

Part V. Targeted Training Programs
Chapter 15. Selecting the Right Event
Chapter 16. Planning Your Season
Chapter 17. Training for Sprint and Olympic Distance Events
Chapter 18. Training for Long and Ultra Distance Events

Part VI. Race Day
Chapter 19. Winning Race Strategy
Chapter 20. Race Day – Sprint Distance
Chapter 21. Race Day – Olympic Distance
Chapter 22 – Race Day – Ironman Distance