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SILVA Cross Trail 5 Ultra

Price: £150.00

Use the same lamp for several activities
Makes the headlamp easy to operate also when wearing gloves.
A red rear light adding extra visibility in the dark.
Double battery packs enable long runs and races.


The ultimate all-round headlamp, with double battery packs and very generous burn time. It’s been recommended by Swedish Vasaloppet and is sure to be a reliable companion during your most extensive training sessions.

Cross Trail 5 Ultra is a comfortable, lightweight headlamp designed for multi-athletes who not only enjoy running, skiing and biking, but want push even further towards those extensive training sessions and races. It’s been recommended by Swedish Vasaloppet as a great guide in their nighttime skiing race of 90 km – and with double battery packs, it has a burn time of up to 90 + 25 hours, which you can extend by bringing some extra AA batteries. So if you feel like you could go on forever, this headlamp will be right there with you.