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Ortlieb Dry Bag 22L

Price: £18.50

  • Protect clothing and electronics
  • Ensure emergency phone is in working order
  • Store soiled/wet clothing/laundry
  • Separate items for fast access
  • Floats for easy retrieval if dropped
  • Bright Orange for visibilty

Whatever the weather, wherever I go - I pack a dry bag.  The reason - I don't trust that my stuff won't get wet.  Not exactly rocket science.  While racing in Iceland years ago I found to my dismay that the hydration pack I was wearing wasn't entirely waterproof.  Didn't help that for a solid 4hrs it rained sideways and drenched me from head to toe.  Wading through glacial rivers ensured that I got a good soaking.  I killed my mobile phone as a result.  Drowned it.

The next time I went out for a run, I was packed with a dry bag.  Spare layers, electronics - the lot, all safely tucked up inside the 100% waterproof roll top bag and never felt a thing as I took another good soaking back in the UK.

Years later, I've a choice of dry bags to take out with me, even one that's only just big enough for a phone and/or camera.  I still get wet, but I don't have to concern myself with how well my lightweight pack will protect the items I need to keep dry.  I just get stuck in, head first.

Accelerate stock a range of dry bags by Ortlieb (sizes listed).  They will ensure that when you reach your destination, or have need to rethink your kit choice on the fly, you have piece of mind that the dry kit you're looking forward to won' be a soggy mess.

..and you won't have to buy a new phone everywhere you go! CH

Available in 1.5L, 3L, 7L, 12L, and 22L